Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Shipping News - website refined

As my refining of the Sirius Mind and Body marketplace gets closer to re-launch (yay!), I've uncovered elements that could stand a little more attention. For instance, today a customer contacted me about shipping options. Specifically, she wanted to know what is the best choice for shipping her order?

Here's a bit of how I explained it, and I hope it helps:
The United States Postal Service has really tightened its restrictions on shipping liquids like oils: they've classified all fragrances as perfumes which means they assume all fragrances have a flammable alcohol content. And that means I can only ship one bottle of fragrance oil per package via USPS. They are not budging on this with me, even though I've provided them with documentation of the (lack of) alcohol content in my oils. grrrr!

All that to say, if you're ordering more than one bottle of oil, I have to ship it to you though FedEx, which has a slightly higher rate. Don't worry - I have something planned to make that slightly higher rate disappear! The upside of shipping via FedEx is that they seem to get packages in your hands safer and faster. No disrespect to the postal service, but I'm all about making my customers happy.

More on my shipping happiness plan soon...

~ Amy Cousin

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